An Update to Resolutions

15.01.20192 Min Read — In General

As is tradition, every week I find a dozen more things that I "need to learn". So many new projects and ideas have come to mind since I made my New Years (Tech) Resolutions post. For one, I realized that the requirements to some of my resolutions were a bit ambiguous, and as such, I've technically completed two or three of them already.


Here is my list:

  1. Build an Electron app that helps with stand-ups and SRED (STARTED)
  2. Build a Gatsby (Next.js, GraphQL) & Netlify CMS blog/portfolio (THIS SITE - SANS PORTFOLIO)
  3. Build a mobile app for Smoothie Club using React Native
  4. Animate an SVG logo for Certn in Adobe Illustrator (ANIMATED WITH SVG/CSS)
  5. Build a simple VR game in Unity (C#) for Oculus Rift & Quest

It's clear that the "acceptance criteria" for some of these to-do's is a bit weak. So with that in mind, I'd like to repost an updated list (with a few new entries as well):

Here is my updated list:

  1. Ship an Electron app, Slated (on MacOS, Windows, & Linux) that helps with context-saving - specifically for switching tasks, stand-ups, and SRED.
  2. Complete Wes Bos' course on advanced React topics (namely Next.js & GraphQL)
  3. Build a feature-complete mobile app for Smoothie Club using React Native
  4. Complete all beginner & advanced Adobe Create Cloud tutorials and edit/post a video of our Costa Rica trip last spring.
  5. Complete Unity Game Dev Courses: Fundamentals and ship a simple VR game in Unity (C#) for Oculus Rift & Quest
  6. Finish my MASc coursework with an A+ average, satisfy my seminar-attendance requirement, get up-to-date on InfoVis research, and complete rough draft of my thesis.
  7. Flesh out my Temperate Supply Co. brand/store - have a dialed-in clean/modern design, and are able to purchase items.

I'm sure this list will continue to grow and change, but at least now I have a platform to keep me accountable for the things I say I want to do and learn. In the future, my posts should hopefully more geared towards my experiences in completing these things!