New Years (Tech) Resolutions

31.12.20181 Min Read — In General

I think part of what makes software development feel overwhelming for many of us is the frantic, unstructured learning-on-the-fly nature of it. I think this past year I've finally made peace with that part (in fact I eagerly welcome any chance to learn new tech or incorporate new workflows). Looking ahead to 2019, my resolutions - in tech at least - are all larger projects that will allow me to dive into some tech that I've wanted to learn, but that haven't been a natural fit for my day-to-day work.


Here is my list:

  1. Build an Electron app that helps with stand-ups and SRED
  2. Build a Gatsby (Next.js, GraphQL) & Netlify CMS blog/portfolio
  3. Build a mobile app for Smoothie Club using React Native
  4. Animate an SVG logo for Certn in Adobe Illustrator
  5. Build a simple VR game in Unity (C#) for Oculus Rift & Quest

Five big things. For some reason that seems so much more manageable than 100 small things (which of course, this list actually is). Wrapping a bunch of small things in the context of a larger project somehow helps ease the mental load of trying to remember all of the little fleeting technical bits that I've been trying to keep in working memory. And I'm crazy passionate about all of these projects, so I really believe I will complete them. It's going to be a great 2019.

Happy new years!